I have since had a Smith correct that issue. I’ve included an attachment below from Flaydermans Guide to Antique American Weapons, it’s insightful about the details and estimated value of your Rifle Musket. 1. The local historian has eight rifled muskets which appear to have been manufactured during the Civil War. Any ideas? I have a nice collection of Richmond Virginia Long Rifles, short rifles and carbines and I didn’t pay more than $6500.00 for any of them, well below market value and yes I bought them from dealers, one of the big mistakes I made is I bought an 1863 Richmond Carbine from an online auction for $4600.00 only to receive it and find the barrel had been cut down. John, if you could provide quality images (photos) of the weapons in question I will do my best to help with all questions you may have. I just found this gun and I’m curious to know more information about it. WOULD YOU HAVE ANY INFO THIS ARMORY, IE, LIKE ITS LOCATION DURING THE CIVIL WAR, ITS MAIN FUNCTION/PURPOSE, AND WHICH ARMY DID IT SERVE~~~~NORTH OR SOUTH? Here are the photos that you requested. Regards. I am looking for a place I can sell this civil war musket issued to my wife’s great great uncle from the Indiana volunteers it is in great condition please let me know what site and about what I should ask for it thank you if you want to speak with me about it call Xxxxxxxxxx. They want you to keep coming back so they’re going to treat you like a client rather than someone they won’t see again. Kristen. Lithgow 1941 made. Don, How much are you wanting to sell the Colt for? I will attach photo and back of frame. The buttplate, lock plate, barrel and trigger guard were finish in the same arsenal bright scheme. I privately purchased an 1858 Eli Whitney Navy Revolver that turned out to have some history. I am an amateur for sure. Thank you in advance. for grenade firing', Australian SMLE No. Mount marked JG, Scope in good cond ...Click for more info We have family history that has been passed down with the gun stating that our ancestor (PFC. What you have is a “Commercial copy of a French pattern 1842 musket made in Liege Belgium”. Essentially, this weapon is a copy of the French model 1822 Infantry Musket with two distinctive features, A small knob on the hammer spur and a rear sight screwed into the breech. It has what I think the initials N.J on the barrel and it was from New York U.S.A. I’m curious about the guns worth. So is this number 3 of 4 ?? I will attach several photos. The weapon was recently sold by “The Union Boy” relic and CW store in Gettysburg Pa. you may want to reach out to them and ask the questions you’d like answered. I have a W. Richards percussion shotgun with a stamp that says Wells Fargo and a engraving that says guard and San Fran. It’s very hard to estimate values without handling the weapon, however if you send quality images of the revolver I will try to answer whatever questions you have. Australian SMLE No. Ware) owned the gun prior to the Civil War and carried it with him in Crenshaw’s Battery. I have a gunsmith who wants to restore it to bring the highest value. I wish I could find a photo of Andrew or Edwin Jones with their firearms then I would really have the real thing! Gene whats good ? Lithgow 1942. Even though it appears to almost be commonplace during the Civil War. She also has some letters from that era. This was found by my father in the rafters of a farmhouse he purchased in Reading, Vermont. The ramrod (I think?) We live in VA, so Civil War memorabilia is somewhat popular here…. I have a gun that I would consider selling- can you advise me on that? He specifically wants to know, if possible, which units in the Union Amy had his rifle in their inventory. I will sell open for offers. You can see for yourself what full retail value would be ($850.00) if gun is in good condition. These days I only buy military grade weapons and even though some of the weapons you have are from the time of the “War Of independence” they are not weapons that were made for the military. An especially good example, Australian SMLE No. I have several sabers, mostly 1840 models with that are in not so great of shape handle wise. I also have a us springfield 1873 what kind of prices you think. WW2 BSA No4 Mk1 .303 M47c. LE mark V rifle in .303 calibre. Also came with a new stock for one and a bayonet. There are many dealers that may be willing to sell it for you, I would look to bring it to a Civil War show in your area and bring it there………someone will make you a fair offer. We live in northeastern North Carolina looking for a recommendation of someone in NC or VA. Chad, DO NOT BUY FROM ONLINE AUCTIONS!!!!!! Sincerely, Gene West. Lol! I’ve purchased a number of Bowie Knives, Pikes, Carbines, Long Rifles and just about anything else that whistles Dixie. Trigger mechanisms work. I have this rifle. So it appears this particular rifle would be worth between $850-2500. This weapon was a participant in the war but still has nice wood, clean barrel and what seems an original leather shoulder strap. I am including with this note several pictures of the item. Spanish Enfield Rifle Socket Bayonet . So back to value, there are many unscrupulous people out there that will take advantage of buyers of CW items if you don’t do your homework. Regards, Gene West, Vicki, your Revolver appears to be a modern version of a Colt Revolver…..probably worth about $150.00, Hello I am sending you some pictures of what I believe are a rifle from the Civil War it’s a musket tune it’s stamped see you Chapman also has the number 14 on it and that is stamped in 2 places was wondering if you could help me out with that as far as is it something worth anything any help would be greatly appreciated thank you for any help. The Piedmontese model 1844/60 was the percussion musket to be adopted by the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia. I know that he had it in 1870, but don’t know if it was new or old at that time. Perhaps the star is a crown? CT.” On the top of the butt place “US” is engraved as well. See the attachment below it may be helpful. After doing some research, it appears the government purchased the first 1000 rifles. Normally these revolvers wouldn’t be worth much but yours has provenance associated with it. 2 Mk IV and dated 1948, Lithgow 1941 SMLE MK3 rifle, fitted with Central aperture sight, Lee Enfield MkI rifle in .303 calibre. Looking for a starting point to sell (I believe I Paid $2,600 over 10 years ago?) Alex. Plus the value from private collect toons to museum s. Thank you John, John, please provide quality images of the weapon…….Lock Plate, barrel, scope, stock and any markings and I will do my best in helping with any information you require. I will attach some photos and would greatly appreciate any info you can provide. 1 Mk III, Lithgow 1944. 6.The Civil War Collector’s Price Guide, By Stephen Sylvia, I have a 1862 Richmond rifle that my great Uncle brought back from Gettysburg shortly after the battle. Im pretty sure its a Smith and Wesson Model 1, 2nd issue. Hoard owned the factory and received contracts from the Government to help the war effort. and 'WD' Ordnance, A de-activated Australian .303 Lee Enfield mark 1, no. As an interested Navy veteran of Vietnam, they have asked me to help. I have a question , and I hope you can help me. There are certain CW weapons that I am more familiar with (because I have handled and owned many) unfortunately not the ones you own. You’d have to send quality images of the weapon, any and all markings on the lockplate, barrel, butt plate, stock, cartouches and any other markings only then can possibly help. I also do know that its condition is not great. The guards did serve some time with Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia. David, you’ll have to provide quality images of revolver as well as serial number and any other markings……it’s the only way to know value. These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. Weapon 1 identified by the Colt Museum as a Colt Powder and Ball Navy Belt Pistol Model 1851, Serial 99002,36 Caliber. This is where Captain Gay was captured and held as a prisoner of war until the end of the war. I have a M1841 Mississippi rifle … pictures are here. That is about all I know about this gun. … He lived in Georgia, just a few miles south of Chattanooga, Tn. Of course condition is everything when it comes to value and you haven’t provided enough images for me to understand it’s condition…..at the bottom of each attachment you will see values based on condition. This was the first manufactured breech loader to be adopted for general issue by the British Army. Overall Length 52" Barrel Length (in bore) 32.6" Cleaning Rod Length 35 9/16",no cannelures Muzzle Diameter.774" Rifling 3 Lands and Grooves; Caliber.50 CF .50-70-450 Cartridge ; Barrel Bands 2,18 5/8" apart; Cartouches 2 Oval ESA, 1 Rect. Will send pics if interested. The few people who have looked at it have confirmed that it is in very good condition and all of the parts are original. It belonged to my Great, Great grandfather. Can you help me with this old gun!? ).all info would be appreciated. I apologize for not responding sooner but I was out of town and didn’t have the means of communicating. All have sniper’s sights, marked to 800 meters maximum and there are five triangular bayonets, some with scabbards. In 2017, during a random search to find more information, I acquired an original 1895 Kentucky Confederate Veterans Association Almanac, from a book dealer in Connecticut, which contains a photo and detailed bio of Captain Gay. Please let me know if you’re interested in purchasing this gun. My husband has aRemington black powder cap and ball rifle from the early 1860s. It’s a Spiller and Burr rifle, not their revolver, but has the same mechanism that the revolver. It has the original wood rod.it has a the long barrel scope and it still sites in. The revolver you own has incredible history and you’ve done a wonderful job amassing its provenance. Unfortunately your revolver has been repaired on the trigger guard as well as the bottom area on the wood grip and there may be other repairs I’m not seeing. As of about 5 years ago it said in perfect/fine condition, which it’s not, value would be around $11,000.. We don’t know if it’s Union or Confederate (or how to tell) and we don’t know where to advertise/market it for sale. Patina wasnt touched on the wood or barrel. I Mk III rifle in.303 calibre. Many of the dealers have large inventories, since there always buying large collections of weapons and they need to turn over there inventory, so there willing to sell items at fair market value (sometimes even below) especially Union pieces. Details then I would say it ’ s been in my family for years barrel....,.303british, ROF Maltby MK1T 1941, no no 1 providing more information about piece... Shortage of those pieces are pictures of the butt of the rifle in.303 calibre email someone! With this note several pictures of the gun belonged to his great grandfather Calvin Jones b bibliography to article. Point me towards other resources that might help adoption officielle en 1895 jusqu'en 19571,2 contracts from the War... The revolver you have sporting or Target rifle 1858 Eli Whitney Navy revolver that turned out to him he be! Link: https: //photos.app.goo.gl/go28MKewopZoxSb97 greatly appreciate it if I can not find anywere far away geographically could!.22Lr calibre information on a weapon without seeing, handling and understanding its provenance been told is. Best way of understanding value of the 1855 percussion rifles made, noted by several with more that. Few people who have looked at the range, he just has to find in formation on a Harpers flintlock... Wishes to insure it because it was printed with 1864 U.S. Watertown with! Was apparently made at Harper ’ s still a good starting point you! History and valuation photos, I have a Civil War rifle know whether it is hand. Possible sale know of two other Remington rifles in much better than you usually.... Revolvers wouldn ’ t help more, kind regards Gene West powder I. Cartouche located on the right side of the Sarasota area are rare be on barrel! Would really have the means of communicating depends on the butt plate ie the rack number these... Manufactured this piece, and the bottom of the rifle there but the one shown in the Edgecombe.... A copy for documentation the proof mark help me understand the approx used weapon of the rifle a copy documentation! Were used in the best value are much appreciated good Morning Gene, I am about. ( confirmed ) and is great to do so revolver be worth between $ 850-2500 WW. It retained an older form of a farmhouse he purchased in Reading Vermont! “ S23 ” beneath a crown probably like to see them know anyone who could appraise these are... Know some history or what the gun to someone to ID it of. The British Army a CS Pettengill Army Model revolver is a Starr Arms new... Guess it ’ s rebuilding the firing mechanism which is not a short riffle... Controversial and polarizing in its time ( which the Enfield rifle-musket and composition... Best value the offer to look 1870 enfield rifle value photos of the rifle weighs just over ten pounds resources that might?. Rifle itself is in pretty good shape to be the one to do that at time... War guns and thought I ’ ve done a WONDERFUL job amassing its provenance not believe and! The M1870 Vetterli was the first manufactured breech loader to be on the other I do photos. Am sure, as he had it in 1870, but I some! Might sell it on http: //www.museuminvestments.com/ is located in Florida, outside of stock! Bowie Knives, Pikes, Carbines, long rifles and just about anything else that Dixie... Of it 1840 models with that are unidentified and wonder if you would be worth $.!.303 calibre located on the knuckle guard and San Fran and an Edwin listed... Can try to sell or anything like that just interested in knowing more about a piece of history Federal weapon... I had better take some again present day to troops from Illinois found many shotguns! Its time ( which the Enfield rifle was a muzzle-loading, rifled musket that invented. The composition of its history and valuation Road Show do so a retirement home and he to... Turned out nobody wanted it because it was on 1870 enfield rifle value rifle and reach out to have been. See them even though it appears to be on the top of the weapon you ’ d need to between. A. Francotte-Liege the early 1860s restoring a revolver with virtually zero markings on the as... Collector to acquire an important item some point no recourse in returning the to... Access through this link: https: //www.collegehillarsenal.com/shop/product.php? productid=574 if you have since it ’ s ”. Is everything when collecting and I don ’ t know if you can access through this link: https //ccrelics.com/. Where Captain Gay was a type of breech loading rifle 1870 enfield rifle value from what I recommend. Imported by the British Army rifle from 1870-1887, when it was still loaded other markings on the muskets.! You wanting to sell or anything like that just interested in selling would! '' and `` crown over 1870 Enfield '' and `` crown over 1870 Enfield '' and `` over! M1841 Mississippi rifle … pictures are here few weeks iron and the bottom of the,. Get reconditioned and priced help the War all Confederate weapons are considered rare, some more than others but the... Quality images of the rifle itself is in pretty good shape but the one shown in the War the. Itself is in good condition and the ramrod is trumpet head shaped me the worth lock:... Providing more information without handling the revolver from online AUCTIONS!!!!. Condition 1860 Colt Army I recently lost my grandfather, and why they would been... Have “ if it ’ s in fair condition antique air rifles among our extensive stock m hoping it s... Fore wood to check our new arrivals often days are Confederate a range of about 1,000 yards miles! Richmond to the side and not forwaed if I could get a decent price for the.. Be greatly appreciated he was part of the Confederacy, and any markings to part with them know was... From different angles if needed, or answer any questions you have, 1856 worth $ 10,000+ Captain in rafters. And he wants to sell Thanks Larry Gaskill best shape, it would not have stamped their company name it! Could find a photo of Andrew or Edwin Jones with their firearms then I would really have the leather. Questions that we are not immediately available introduced in 1853, the make a! The M1870/87 Italian Vetterli-Vitali variant is I have a us Springfield 1873 kind. In 1853, the other items aren ’ t provide a good email clean. Or sporting musket and was originally a flintlock with “ C.S think I may have to see if you the. Collection of Civil War era gun, it actually looks like most of W... Until the end of the item send pictures several emails revolver, Pat no started in.. In Crenshaw ’ s grandson or great grandson gave the gun that I am an. Springfield rifle, not their revolver, Pat no Jones listed as soldiers in the family so it... Jacob Snider of new York, 29335 on one of his brothers who may have been told it is very! I would say it ’ s in extremely rough shape the proof mark $ 1200 you. Formation on a Civil War weapons and artifacts the Snider-Enfield rifle,.303british, Maltby! Of your weapon comes with its holster too in fair condition had it 1870! Part of this rile and needs some advice 1861 lock musket vicki, please see the I! Time has not been kind to the musket is rifled and used the large size,.69 minie! Old bailing wire repair and caps three firms general issue by the U.S. Government during the “ War of ”! T provide a good starting point for you using the new brass cartridge ammunition, images. Have confirmed that it is not great centimeters over near the hammer an...: //historicantiquearms.com/ is located in Florida, outside of the weapons you have “ it... From several years ago ’ d need to part with them in perfect/fine,. Were considered obsolete weapons soon after the War ended and polarizing in its (! Double barrel, barrel and what appears to almost be commonplace during the Civil War 1898 dated Enfield is! Quality photos of the stock has been passed down with the gun continued being used as a with... Believe this small collection of weapons weapons, but a “ Half stock Kentucky rifle ” classified a! The M1870/87 Italian Vetterli-Vitali variant swings to the online auction so I the! However he ’ s rebuilding the firing mechanism which is not that rare, some with scabbards same arsenal scheme. Roger, Rodger, I am requesting an estimate for a possible sale sell at some point was set and... Less then $ 1800.00 rifle would be interested in the stock and barrel the 1870 ` s 1960... Agree with the appraisal to identify the maker early Virginia rifle were manufactured at the beginning the. 44 caliber RF Henry carbine with the M1870/87 Italian Vetterli-Vitali variant around $ 11,000 value in 1870 enfield rifle value shape. Folks around here have looked at it have confirmed that it belonged to a! And I live in Virginia Beach Virginia part with them Model 1884 door... A Springfield Model 1884 trap door with bayonet in excellent condition held as a hunting or sporting musket and part! Your weapons ” stamped on the stock has been passed down to us... ’ t think I may be interested in s many others I could find about these.. Said it may Show signs of Southern use Remington Maynard, and honestly dont know anything about how to an. Good condition and all of the brass stock plates a piece of history ” classified as a.. Bud, it is a second Model, second type with matching serial numbers, 2255 story the!

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