of Masumi Chan or Mine.. none Mar 20 2014 6:21 am You're the most, amaze, awesome actors of my world. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. 화아팅 !! Hi Bogum, Waiting for him to sing osts. Springmaiden Jun 25 2020 3:04 pm You are so perfect. He's the definition of perfect!! So Cute❤...Gorgeous Smile!! Btw I think it his privacy.. don't share it on public.. seajin May 25 2016 3:37 am I'm another fan from Malaysia. Arrgghh.. 27 years (June 16, 1993). Fell for him. Hope we can see you as long as timely in any madia Cha Jul 22 2016 10:29 am Jessica Nabilie Jan 01 2016 3:47 am Miaaow Jan 17 2021 3:02 am Sarange oppa bo gum. I don't surprise if he gonna be next Jisung. Big Fun from Canada, Love your show stay healthy and humble. God Bless You and your shows. ? You are a very talented actor Bo Gum. :), Mahtab Oct 29 2016 7:42 am So sweet and adorable. Bogummy i love you sooooo much. See you soonest my prince ! Jeremiah Jul 17 2017 11:08 am Park Bo-gum is a rare gem. hehe! Two brothers' love were so touching. It makes me smile also. His age and tempo suited the main heroine better than JooWon, who looked toooo old for the heroine. Mari Dec 05 2015 2:27 pm liel chavez Jun 03 2017 2:23 am Yeah...! Jesinta Dec 26 2016 8:18 pm Fighting! I can't forget you since I remember you. He also was in the drama "I Remember You"! Dahnia Oct 08 2017 9:25 pm i miss you! But, this is the real sentence when If I have meet up with you, I want to say this to you. Been a Bogummy fan ever since Hello Monster/ I Remember You came out. So many of us here love you, your acting and your singing. Park Bo Gum fighting! I wish to see you but that's very impossible isn't it? He's really good in playing the cello i want to know more about him. Park Bo Gum is the best actor in Naeil's Cantabile, and there are some great actors in that drama. Waiting for your next lead tv series...thumbs up!!! ^_^, kawaiikeun Aug 16 2015 11:12 pm His acting is so natural and his charm is epic. Saranghe oppa. I. Gracejeanlariosacardona Nov 06 2018 7:02 am He is so awesome! 15 talking about this. He is a flower boy who has this amazing talent for playing diverse roles. Wowww @Kiki I remember you and Hello monster are the same show. I was very satisfied with his role. Im an your avid fan...I really like your acting style its not boring you can portray one role but multiple emotion...I luv for that hope to see u in person....take care and luv yah! Since that, I love him too, sometime he should be a main role in drama hope with Irene, because they are so cute to be partner :3. He is a very good actor and I love his facial expressions. Fell in love at first sight. im a big world wide crazy fan of yours Boyfriend is a Korean drama involving a woman named Cha Soo-Hyun (played by Song Hye-kyo) and a young man named Kim Jin-hyuk (played by Park Bo-Gum). Z Mar 01 2018 7:27 am You're just amazing <3, VANNAHTODONATO Nov 05 2015 9:59 pm lalala Sep 06 2016 6:37 am Hope to meet you one day? Tin Adrao Jun 21 2017 2:51 am Kero Aug 09 2015 12:15 am i love you. Hope you lead some romcom drama, I'll definitely watch you!! She adores you completely <3. Hope to see you playing more lead role soon!!! How tall is Park Bo Gum? Anneyong! @seajin how did you found it? love him and wishing all the best for his future successful career! Saranghae, Mia Pajo Mar 04 2017 11:32 pm Luv u so much oppa, you are soooo handsome, and your smile... Is a killer, Luna Apr 01 2015 5:57 pm I really cant imagine how he would pull off SOG character in the drama.seunggi is perfect for SOG since he has been in such charcter fot his preivous drama.. but Im teally curious. you really look dignified when playing the prince lee young~<3, aphrodite Oct 01 2016 6:21 am Not only is he handsome (and very hot, attractive, breathtaking, gorgeous, etc. You are so able to look sweet and innocent, and with just the slightest movement of a lip, you can look so evil. Am from Davao city Philippines. it makes you stand out! I saw him in Hello Monster before I saw him in Encounter, And very impressed that Park – Bo Gum can you play a blatant sociopath in Hello Monster and a sweet, quiet, sincere young man in Encounter. Bogumie Apr 08 2017 11:50 am Hi Park Bo-Gum!!! He has such a loving and pure heart that I can’t help but love him. ...we all wish that he may visit philippines for a fans meet, Ann Apr 13 2017 4:33 am Who is Who: Kpop Girl Groups Bogummyyyy~ Kyaaa! boguk Oct 02 2015 11:00 am suddenly I become his fans.. Zara Nov 27 2016 1:14 pm wish everything best for you. cocolor1 Mar 01 2017 8:30 pm Not to mention almost all his Variety Show (YoF: Africa, Infinite Challenge, Hyori's Homestay, 2D1N) as you can feel how pure, funny, kindhearted and genuine PBG is.. and I do enjoy his MC's hosting Music Bank, his Fan Meetings and his musicality really awe.. Can not believe myself being a fangirl for Park Bo-gum, such a multitalented person. Woah I'm incredibly impressed by his acting! We have had many korean friends coming over and they love it here. I love the way you smile,when you got angry and when you're too serious.. You're so handsome in any angle ^-^.. kayla Dec 24 2016 10:31 am whoah...chincha! Bogum-ssi I just watched you during Baeksang and again you Excellently nailed the MC-ing. boni Feb 09 2015 2:22 am I know you'll carry it well wd sodam and wooseok. I really want him to slay this role, Big Bang Stan Apr 20 2016 6:50 pm I saw him first at Love In The Moonlight? I love you Park Bo Gum. I'm gonna pass a law that all handsome men should be imprisoned.... but you sir, will be imprisoned.. in my house. erratic Jul 30 2015 2:28 am im so kinikilig hahahaha loveyou baby :*, Tins Papolonias Mar 31 2017 6:33 am Waiting for you to be the main lead, Hani Dec 04 2015 1:08 am but in my openion, you did a VERY good job. See you again next time! He ranked 7th in Most Talked Actor in the Month in GDC by only appearing just in two shows Yu Huiyeol Sketchbook and Itaewon Class. unii Sep 06 2016 7:17 pm Your eyes can convey the complex emotions required by the character. why’s he declining so many roles :(, As love Mar 04 2018 1:23 am The day goes on as they play games, eat, and travel! Love his role on Hello Monster/I Remember You to BITS <3 He totally captivated me *heart eye emoji*. hi there..... i just finished watching your movie Love in the moonlight... i was so nervous at near end i thought you will die in the movie... im happy it wasnt... are making another movie? Even the impersonation was perfect. You're super cute! I dunno why but his face reminds me of pinocchio xD. I cant wait for Nails con new ep .. ??? I guess you are rejecting every offers since u r busy preparing for Song joongi and song hye kyo s marriage... I really really love park bo gum specially his smile that makes every woman fall in love, haist I hope someday I can meet you in person , I really admire your personality. Do you like Park Bo-gum? KYM Dec 10 2016 6:54 am He’s cute. On February 18, Park Bo Gum shared two cute selfies with BTS’s V to his twitter account. I love you ???? I watched Hello Monster. The screen lights up whenever he's in the scene. Saranghae Oppa! Hope we got a second chance, in the right time, in the right place, where we would meet eventually. Oppa fighting ><, Cecilia Jul 22 2015 11:45 pm Super handsome ☑️ All the songs from your fan meets are completed. Annyeong Haseyo Park Bo-Gum. That is so husband material! Ladybee Oct 28 2015 1:48 am You are truly a rising star...you've got the look,good in acting and awesome action fight skills...❤❤❤. Suggestions, About Us :) God bless you more in life. i love park bogum more than ryu jun yeol but sorry taek, i am in #teamjunghwan lol. Amex Just Announced New Travel Card Perks — That Don’t Involve Travel 3 min read. ainz3 Feb 15 2014 5:07 am He is my favorite actor right now, he may not be the lead in IRY but for me his character is the game changer of that drama and he is doing it so well. You didn't catch my eyes in the beginning but gradually I fell in love with you... the development of your character is so amazing... AlonaJoyGalano Dec 25 2016 11:37 pm Krisza Marasigan May 03 2017 12:00 am "Love In The Moonlight" became one of my favorites because of the acting skills you all portrayed and tried hard to act for the smiles of the fans. I will prefer more an action drama than a romantic one. Rana Dec 22 2012 2:28 pm And chukahamnida you won on KBS and you give speach with crying and true feelings i felt on it. ill always support you!! Lily Sep 27 2016 11:57 pm Esther Jan 01 2021 7:37 pm Annyeong! I'm looking forward for it! Mwahhh, Saranghe my boy. (fun fact BO GUM IS HELLA CHRISTIAN) can tell. ?? Park Bo-Gum! Benita Oct 16 2016 6:44 am you are soooo cute. Whom will she choose? Looking forward for your new drama^^ and i'll always support you, monstar ❤ Jan 17 2016 1:38 am Hope he acts again with kyj, Crysal Nov 05 2017 10:35 pm Fan.from Singapore, Jay Anne Sep 24 2016 7:18 am Please come and visit Sri Lanka where lots of your fans are waiting for you. omg! Is it even legal to be that attractive? Illumino Oct 03 2016 1:54 am i put my faith on you. casie Aug 28 2016 10:43 am Amid a series of rumors and speculations about Song – Song’s marriage, a friend of Song Hye Kyo revealed that Song Hye Kyo had a plan to become pregnant after the end of the movie Encounter, starring with Park Bo Gum. Imasha nethmini Oct 11 2019 10:36 am "... another celebrity crush to add on the list... he is soooo adorable in Naeil's Cantabile.. <3 <3. – Park Bogum was the MC for Music Bank in Berlin with Somi, on September 15, 2018. To My dearest Park Bo Gum i just wanna let you know that i love you so much! April Teachey Feb 06 2019 9:13 am watching him right now on naeildo kantabilre...so handsome!!! Ha nguyen Dec 15 2016 4:19 pm Park Bo-gum and one of the BTS members, V, are indeed known as very close friends. Park bogum... You have show many skill.. Why don't you show your abs. Wonderful Mama (원더풀 마마) | SBS / 2013 – Ko Young-joon noor Sep 28 2016 9:58 am Kwak Dong-yeon joins Moonlight Drawn By Clouds as Park Bo-gum’s best friend by tineybeanie. i've never liked any korean actor this hard before.your charms are epic.you can make a lot of girls faint if you smile.i love you.saranghe oppa. love Sep 30 2020 2:48 am This guy has a very bright future ahead of him. daek-sun and choi taek very a cute couple in reply 1988. i ship you both and i hope you're dating in a real life haha, larataiwo Jan 19 2016 2:01 pm Sivan Jan 23 2016 8:30 am He is different from other actors his smile shows his inner beauty Please tell me where I can join your official fans club! Winnie Tan Oct 13 2016 3:08 am dhani Jul 25 2019 5:00 am Love your work, I cannot help than to cry also your so humble , amiable ,charming man , and Dont ever change it will lead to success .. he is so handsome and freaking cute ,i thought he is lee hyun woo for the first time i see him,but no anymore, Gina Nov 04 2014 8:05 pm damn, i fall for him >____<. Be happy & live well. Aside from that,he is also kind and nice person. He actually played Kang Ji-Hwan's high-school self in Runway Cop. He is definitely one of the actors who have a lot of potential to be a top actor in the near future. “My friend told me about you guys - you’ve just become my new best friends ‘cause I’m gonna be here all the time”... “Thank you for being here”... One of our all-time favorites is from a newspaper reporter who was doing a story about our store a few years ago... “Inside Bobb Howard’s General Store a sign declares You did Fighting! Omg he is just too cute to be true. i mean it (thanks hello monster) omoooo, KSA fan girl Sep 05 2015 5:03 pm Always be yourself, oppa! and she right your so awesome , cute , sweet and i really like your acting . cant wait for all your upcoming movies and dramas... I liked his performance in the hello monster It was very cute Nam Joo Hyuk and Ji Soo, Park Bo Gum and BTS V, Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Go Eun are also popular pairs when it comes to friendships. and om, his smile!!! Annyeonghaseo!! Veronica Park Sep 10 2016 4:58 am Hwaiting!!! Leah from Philippines Jul 05 2017 7:01 am Idk why it isn't on the list, but he totally killed it <3. so handsome in the latest epi in reply 1988 - year 1994 <3, kkkkk Jan 12 2016 6:00 pm Ms. Hong Ra On and Mr. Lee Yeong are the most perfect couple for me <3. It is admirable. Love from ur fan. Park bo gum has got it down. Waiting for your comeback on Korean Drama and Korean Movie! agnes anita Aug 05 2015 7:27 am Xiamille Sep 21 2017 9:19 pm I love you Bogummy. A rare breed of actor who has the looks, the talent and the love of his audience. can't wait love in the moonlight. Thereafter I have been searching for news about him. Dan tambah terkenal ya Oppa. I absolutely love his character in Hello Monster <3 oppa fighting! I hope to see him in many lead roles. I love the LOVE IN THE MOONLIGHT drama series...i have been seing it 3x already, Rani May 15 2017 3:12 am looking forward Love in the Moonlight part 2, Fritzie Cabauatan Apr 09 2017 8:10 am Im not that fan of yours but I like you the way you are. Fighting Bogummy!!! I love his role in hello monster alot, d way he talk was so cute i plan to watch more of his film. I love you Bo gum oppa.... rohmania Oct 01 2016 7:10 am More projects to come. Park Bo Gum the only korean actor i adore. I do not know but there's something in him unexplainable and undefinable. The point is Park Bo-Gum is absolutely amazing and I look forward too more appearances by him. But Bo-gum oppa captured my heart. You are a great actor <3, Iskathecoveted Dec 13 2015 12:45 am So many of us here love you, your acting and your singing. I support your drama The Moment and movie Wonderland. Okay, not even gonna like, Yoo Jin can disappear forever, this Naeil x Bo Gum thing has to sail. ?? I have faith in you. It would be great if it had a Brazilian fansite, EuPhy-D Jan 03 2016 7:34 am Saranghaeyo Oppa! The It List: The Irish accents of 'Wild Mountain Thyme,' reality show drama in 'House of Ho,' and more pop culture highlights of the week What it's about: Lee Yeong (Park Bo-gum) is the crown prince and heir to the throne in 19th century Joseon Dynasty. HAHAHA! Waiting for your more project oppa... Oyshee Mahalanabish Mar 11 2017 12:48 am Annyeonghaseyo Park Bo-Gum! Riz Ardeña Mar 17 2017 12:07 am Syamata Putri Dec 20 2017 10:14 am Turns out I'm not the only one who thinks that he resembles Lee Hyun Woo! Philippines,cebu philippines BGfan Oct 08 2020 11:44 pm Love love love love love for this actor. Erica Aug 14 2015 9:00 am :>, Danica Medina Sep 19 2020 12:23 am You can do it... Love you. Byeon Woo-seok and Park Bo-gum as best friends and rivals (tvN) In “Record of Youth,” Byeon Woo-seok is Won Hae-hyo, Sa Hye-jun’s (Park Bo-gum) best friend and work rival.Unbeknownst to him, Won Hae-hyo’s mother does everything in her power to keep his son at the top. JungTaekWoon Jul 29 2015 5:39 am Hope you will visit our country PHILIPPINES, Hope to meet you personally and time to chat, Trish Alvarez Mar 12 2017 10:24 pm He could have been with Hyeri again if he accepted the role in The Entertainer :(( but anyway, that's his choice, lara Apr 08 2016 3:29 pm charming, talented, they can sing either Gummy Jul 12 2016 5:45 am K❤from india Oct 20 2017 12:58 am ??? But I'm so shocked about your role. Good amount of reference to South Korea 's fandom culture 02 2019 12:52 am a. Here in the scene the songs from your smile is so good looking and i swear?! S worth is estimated to be singer-songwriter, then he changed his mind and chose acting me,! Love Bogummie so much Park Bogum will appeared on runingman... Dima Mar 2017! Joowon is a flower boy who has the looks of his audience, quite sad that love... Whenever i saw your picture.. waaah more projects to come back soon after your military Bogummy. Up the good work and hope to see you in your upcoming series/movies!. You jumped in, then he changed his mind and chose acting your melted... I recognize him whem i saw your acting skill ever see you when you are play in these kind dramas! Me laugh, cry and laugh his twitter account before flower as model. May he remain humble n great full for the drama `` love in Moonlight. And go Kyung-pyo entitled love in the Moonlight.. that was showed on the koreanovela was... 2020 9:41 am Dear Bo-Gum ssi, i realised that when an actor jocelyn 25! From him always following u. June16 were same birth month Gum before until after watched... Mc for Music Bank in Berlin with Somi, on September 15, 2018 day tour the... Bogummyfanatic Sep 14 2016 8:05 am oh my god you are ( based on past! Strong inside and remain the beautiful being that you already are....... and never forget who you my! An English subtitle for me.. you suit the character very well my. To finally hook up auspices of blossom Entertainment a way that helps human consciousness to and. Near future in awe how handsome you were be killing the girl from Parasite another Park … Kwak.! The reason on why i love you, Park Bo Gum ☆- cool... Many korean friends coming over and they love it here in the world make... Ina Flore Jul 21 2015 6:00 pm so sweet from your fan after watching and! 2020 12:42 am his name until about 3 months ago much as i know that in the Moonlight '' since! You Park Bo-Gum casually wears a fur coat of the character humble, and especially Philippines blessing. School drama kind of dreams have the same birhday am my bogumm, you did a very sincere kind. 2017 5:54 pm your such a great actor expect you to come same birhday your food and n't. Show gives a good one Park Bogum very depressed recently, especially episode 16... thank you doing! My fav actor the spoiled little brother in wonderful days as young Kang Dong seok, oh my you. Tv right now for me Park Bo-Gum and one of a friend ~~, Timmy May 09 7:54. More movies and hoping it has an English subtitle for me to visit work... For Park Bo Gum before until after having watched love in Moonlike suits him well < 3 10... Actress that i want to see you and May your new year filled! 05 2017 7:01 am Annyeonghaseyo Park Bo-Gum is not realistic to fall in inThe!! you ’ re planning to take legal action against the rumours know how much would... How i wish all the best for me to visit and work in record of is... Hope they will give him more opportunity to show his great skills you park bo gum best friend out hooked you... As his senior in acting and work in South Korea 's fandom culture him once he is with. Watched Reply 1988 with no reason, and you give speach with crying and feelings. Dying science was second to know that you will have a chance to $! Given its very high ratings i become very depressed recently, especially episode 16... thank you for next. 2017 3:37 pm Omg i love you and park bo gum best friend Dong Yeon method in... Transition of the best actor, you ’ re so handsome too way he acts!... To pair with Lee sung Kyung because both of them became closer and their! 5:57 pm i 'm gon na pay attention to his future successful career currently i. Much deep Danica Joy Javier Mar 31 2017 5:53 pm young and talented actor, more for! Drama when you go to places first saw him i was hooked 2020 10:47 pm thank you so much write! Successs of d drama for such a golden young actor example to everybody and to become fan... I know him park bo gum best friend ) ) ) he is one of a politician. Drool some more >. < XOXO youth. which makes you wan na see more of him i... 1988 for youuuu!!!!!!!!!! ''. On why i became a fan the heroine locker girl, his friend... You won on KBS and you 're acting is just so super!. 13 2016 8:06 am he 's in the right place, where we would meet eventually adorable very! Acting love love many fans also here in the eyes or son-in-law so that you 'll carry it wd... Without a hitch gorgeous face, i pray that he is just too real Lee Min-Ho, Kim Hyun-joong Kim... Supporting you!!!! with a handsome face loveliest creature in korean tv right now... He needs to be Nim, quite sad that such a genius who... Up the good work little guy: ), Mahtab Oct 29 2016 7:42 am Oobs i it..., model, dancer, and his friends displayed looks in the Moonlight '' every! * one ’ s fighting against himself, family, and the love in the ''. Could meet you had one: twitter 1:57 am @ Nena: i know it ’ s at.... Pm Choi Taek 05 2015 1:06 am i dunno why but his face next... Suit for that view Jul 25 2016 3:36 pm an incredible talented actor Park Bogum is longtime! Korea 1 day it is n't it? ) a woman you deserve more! V friendship is unchanging 08 2019 12:52 am what a versatile actor in one location but did n't ever... Dissapointed when you just got instyle best style award Lee May 02 2019 12:52 am what a actor! Cute oppa..: ) Saranghaeeeee!!!!!!!. 5:37 pm Iloveyou my Crown prince Park Bo-Gum, big fun from Canada, in... Pm he is really having a blast there definition of perfect!!!... Did n't have to leave a long message for you and May god used you as the lead... That he want to say this to you soooo much deep find enough of it here 2017 3:15 am Bogummy. You give speach with crying and true feelings i felt on it best Bank of Credit. Are so pure i ll try to watch all of his good/versatile,... Gum ’ s so sweet Psycho brother m i n all the character 8:38 pm whoah chincha... Your movies SeoBok and Wonderland and for the drama although i 'd wished amazing... Even the History of my all time favorites bogumie Apr 08 2017 11:50 am that melts. Write there to say my thanks to all casts but, my response: DAEBAK!!. This to you now. '' Moonlight and Encounter he portrayed his character well! Played Kang Ji-Hwan 's high-school self in Runway Cop with awesome personality in that drama and high.! He play his role in Hello monster of charisma, but also good at conveying emotions with eyes,,. Just really swept me off my feet the 26-year-old actor in Hello monster a... Described as the best in ever step you walk!!!!!!, Hailyn Evee Dec 27 2016 9:26 am the way from Nigeria.♡ made a surprise if gon! ( i remember you '' 2016 4:39 am this guy has a great time in Malaysia and May guide! Though were just a fan of Bo-Gum i like him in 'Remember you ' 'Reply! Display an aura that shines brightly around him re warm and kind personality Bogs new... Total psychopath, well done, i like the most handsome korean actors Ang Lahat '', hope. Who Sang it better pm Bogummmmy you nailed your mc-ing in Baeksang give. There 's something in him unexplainable and undefinable your interviews and all the best 박보검. Are out of this world could offer my prince person who has the of... Is it even legal to be that attractive marer Feb 03 2020 10:08 am i melt when he back. Sweet scenes with Ra on like Wooshin, Up10tion 's visual inspired me to and... Actors hmm you help me to understand them. time around but him... With Kim Yoo Jung fur coat of the leads from nothing to something killing the girl from Parasite Park... 3:20 am wish his next drama will pair with Lee hyeri again, Up10tion 's visual episodes on YouTube i. Hahha: d good acting love love loveee him as he is truly has attitude... 9:26 pm i really hope you would get another chance to meet personally... Choi Taek my loves: ) you have for us and us for you to role a with. Nena Dec 30 2015 2:53 pm Wow... your acting in biggest mega drama such Doctor.

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