in. Since he was a boy, Scott has had a love affair with cars - and sports cars in particular. Engine Oil Level Check: Check the engine oil level and add the proper oil if necessary. 1998 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe . Each Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is unique to an individual car. If you are a vehicle owner, search for recalls by your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The convertible’s storage space was just more than half that of the Corvette coupe (13.9 cubic feet in the convertible versus 24.8 cubic feet in the coupe.) (Image courtesy of Motor Trend Magazine). The system did not affect throttle control, and keeping in character with the Corvette’s sporting nature, this system also featured a “competition mode”. Manual transmission fluid doesn’t require change. Approximately C $9,580.87 (including shipping) Reserve not met. 4.7 out of 5 stars. Their introduction to the extended mobility tires convinced Chevrolet to eliminate the spare tire and jack altogether, which further aided engineers in reducing vehicle wait while also increasing cargo space. Summary: Fog Lamps Inoperative. During normal vehicle operation, it is worth noting that if the shifter is not fully engaged when operating 1st gear or Reverse, it will cause the transmission to literally “pop” out of gear when the clutch is let out. Der selbstlernende AutoScout24-Algorithmus berechnet den Marktpreis für jedes Fahrzeug. Making a return for a second year was the LS1 small block V-8 engine. Model Year: 1997 Make: Chevrolet Service Bulletin Number: 3060 Press RESET and hold for two seconds. 1998 Chevrolet Corvette Top Comparisons. The new Active Handling System was available to consumers for an additional $500.00 and was designed to send an impending skid during a turn. This equal distribution of weight would result in an automobile that was better-balanced and better equipped to handle the rigors of even the most aggressive drivers. Firmly apply the parking brake and the regular brake. Service Bulletin Number: 3850 1998 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible David Kimble Illustration. View all. An LS1 engine was 44 lbs lighter than the 1996 LT4 engine. The LS1 was built by General Motors engine plant in Romulus, Michigan. Still, with the specified Mobil 1 synthetic oil being nearly $5.00 a bottle in 1998, this was definitely a marketing point worth noting. © Copyright AutoScout24 GmbH. Best Offer: Make Offer. The Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Replica package included the Pace Car Purple exterior with black and yellow interior, a black convertible top, yellow-painted stock wheels, and special accents. The shallow-cast aluminum oil pan had side reservoirs and was a structural member of the engine. Condition: Used. Replace filter if necessary. Time left: d. h. m. s. day. Look for any other loose or damaged safety belt system parts. Recalls & Safety Issues. While there is no known solution to completely eliminate the wind noise, the creaking can be reduced/eliminated by adding a lubricant to the weatherstriping seal around the roof. Consequence: When The Belt Webbing Becomes Jammed In The Retractor, The Seat Belt May Be Unusable. At present, this is the only known method to resolve this issue. Upgraded suspension system for better performance and handling. The LS1’s composite intake manifold saved weight and improved air flow. Additionally, a newer, quieter fuel pump can also be installed. Check out this used 1998 Chevrolet Corvette for sale! With the engine off, turn the key to the ON position, but don’t start the engine. Notes: This Recall Only Pertains To Aftermarket Replacement Equipment And Has No Relation To Any Original Equipment Installed On Vehicles Produced By The Vehicle Manufacturer. For the entire model year, the axle ratio distribution is: 10,562 Corvettes equipped with axle ratio 2.73:1, 13,415 Corvettes equipped with axle ratio 3.15:1, and 7,106 Corvettes equipped with axle ratio 3.42:1. The car’s overall ride-height was lowered slightly, a roll bar was mounted behind each seat, and rear-facing strobe lights were integrated into the tonneau’s fairings. Back to Search Home. Corvette C5 Convertible (1998–2004) Ein Jahr nach dem Erscheinen der neuen C5 gab es 1998 wieder ein Cabrio. Keeping your foot on the regular brake, set the parking brake. In fact, the engine clearances were so minimal, the new oil pan that was mated to the LS1 engine was scarcely 5 inches deep, yet offered increased capacity and the ability to supply lubricant during even the most extreme cornering maneuvers. 54,845 Miles | Metairie, LA. NOTE: Chevrolet does have a bulletin out instructing Corvette owners how to better insulate against the humming sound of the fuel pump. Diese Befragung ist anonym. Véhicules Chevrolet Corvette d'occasion à vendre. Component: Suspension:rear:shock Absorber A fluid leak is the only reason for fluid loss. Bakersfilied, CA 93313 . Throttle control was not affected. Chevrolet Corvette C5 est une auto produite par Chevrolet depuis 1997 jusqu'a 2005. elle est proposée en 26 versions pour 156 prix comparées. Also a carry over from its predecessor, the LS1 shared the same time-honored “440” cylinder block layout (meaning 4.40 inches from bore center to bore center) and the familiar 5.7-liter displacement label. Notes: This Recall Only Pertains To Aftermarket Replacement Equipment And Has No Relation To Any Original Equipment Installed On Vehicles Produced By The Vehicle Manufacturer. Nhtsa Campaign Id Number: 04v060000 Das Fahrzeug weist eventuell Besonderheiten wie zum Beispiel Sonderausstattungen, überdurchschnittliche Fahrzeug-Aufbereitung oder Umbauten auf. Find your perfect car with Edmunds expert reviews, car comparisons, and pricing tools. 2/3 aller Kunden erhalten 4,24 % eff. TrueCar has over 916,953 listings nationwide, updated daily. In college, Scott studied automotive technologies, and would spend his formative years working for a Chevy dealership - where he developed an obsession with the Corvette - an obsession that he is still passionate about today. Kreditvermittlung durch FFG FINANZCHECK Finanzportale GmbH, Winterstraße 2, 22765 Hamburg. See all 1 photos. These sounds are normal, and are not an indicator of a failing fuel pump. Each ranking was based on 9 categories. Advertisement. As with the C4 before it, a Borg-Warner six-speed manual transmission was offered for an additional $815.00 (although this transmission was a revised version of its previous generation’s counterpart.) The cockpit is framed by a welded cage of aluminum castings and extrusions. The inflation level of the tires was monitored constantly and could be called up on an instrument-panel display (thanks to the on-board tire monitoring system that has since become standard on almost every GM vehicle.). Manufacturer: General Motors Corp. Optional fog lamps installed in the front radiator air inlets on the front bumper of the C5 Corvette. Advertisement. ), Left: 5.2 kg (11.5 lbs. If it does, you or others could be injured. In Order To Determine If Your Aftermarket Lamp Assembly Is Affected By This Noncompliance, Please Review The List Of Model Numbers Provided To Us By Sabersport. Electronic ride control system which adjusted ride to existing conditions. Four-wheel antilock brakes, which were also standard in the previous platform, were also provided as a standard feature. As has always been the case with General Motors, safety was a major concern in the development of both the C5 coupe and convertible. Model Year: 1997 His fascination with speed and fast cars was first fueled by his grandfather, who would frequently take him to car shows or to the local race track. Inspect brake lines and hoses for proper hook-up, binding, leaks, cracks, chafing, etc. Located just in front of the rear axle, the transmission was mated to the LS1 engine via an aluminum tube which ran through an enclosed tunnel that formed a chassis backbone strong enough to reduce structural loads on the outboard frame rails. In many instances, the rotors can simply be turned. Private Seller. The wire springs in the seat bottom, and the bars in the bolsters are sometimes known to wear thru the foam and leather. Oct 1, 1997 View Photos . 1998 Chevrolet Corvette $20,495 . Park on a fairly steep hill, with the vehicle facing downhill. It is said today that no two “Aztec Gold” Corvettes look the same. Das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis liegt deutlich über dem aktuellen Marktwert. Classified ad price: US $16,995.00. Steering and Suspension Inspection: Inspect the front and rear suspension and steering system for damaged, loose or missing parts, signs of wear or lack of lubrication. The listing has ended. Home; Saved Searches; Favorites; Guides & Reviews; News and Analysis; Sell My Car; Car Values; Settings; Get the App. (NOTE: Be prepared to apply the parking brake immediately if the vehicle begins to move.). In an effort to reduce the color differences, the panels were removed from all 15 of the Corvettes (which consisted of 3 convertibles and 12 coupes), and each component was matched to others whose color was most similar. By continuing to use this site you agree to these cookies. Despite the foreign nature of the sound, It is completely normal. We’ve featured a Corvette before in this series, as well as two different Indianapolis 500 pace cars, but we’ve never had a single car that combined Corvette and Indy pace car flavors together.. Combinée au V8 plus léger, le poids total de la voiture baisse de 35 kg, pour un total de 1.470 kg sur la balance. A quieter fuel pump was also introduced after the start of the 1998 production run. 2. Nhtsa Campaign Id Number: 00v111000 Consequence: Decreased Lighting Visibility May Result In A Vehicle Crash. Model: Corvette The Safety Recall Began On May 11, 2009. Body package replicating the 1998 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car. Manufacturer: General Motors Corp. Contact Seller. Introduced in early ’97, the new Corvette is generation number five in the line–thus the C5 designation–and the first complete redesign since 1984. Nhtsa Action Number: N/a The system will show you when to change the oil – usually between 3,000 miles (5,000 km) and 10,000 miles (16,000 km) since your last oil change. The List Can Be Found Under “Document Search” Located At The Bottom Of Your Screen. Other features to return for 1998 included driver and passenger side air bags as well as PASS-Key II theft deterrent system. Specialized configuration of the emissions system to meet state requirements. Before you start, be sure you have enough room around the vehicle. Review Score. Had the same 4.4″ bore spacing that the same displacement (345 cubic inches) as the 350 cubic inch engine family it replaced,  but otherwise was new (and state-of-the-art) in pushrod V-8 design. Late in the production year, GM introduced a new paint color, “Navy Blue Metallic” but, due to its late introduction, a very limited number of orders was placed – 14 Corvettes in all – for this color, making Navy Blue Metallic the rarest paint color for the ’98 model year. Learn how your comment data is processed. We’ve featured a Corvette before in this series, as well as two different Indianapolis 500 pace cars, but we’ve never had a single car that combined Corvette and Indy pace car flavors together.. Stored in heated garage in winter and never seen snow or rain. (lbs:hp): Our newsletter delivers all the Corvette news, rumors, deals and events directly to you each week. On manual transmission vehicles, put the shift lever in NEUTRAL (N), push the clutch down halfway and try to start the engine. Automatic Transmission Shift Lock Control System Check: CAUTION: When you are doing this check, the vehicle could move suddenly. (The air bag system does not need regular maintenance.). Service Bulletin Number: 3785 This proved to be an advantage as the somewhat narrower tires actually aided in improving the directional stability to levels unsurpassed by General Motors. Gültig für max. Component: Structure:body Without applying the regular brake, try to move the shift lever out of PARK (P) with normal effort. To commemorate the occasion, Chevrolet manufactured 1,158 pace-car replica convertibles for distribution to dealerships across the country. Have any torn or frayed safety belts replaced. A third set of 5 were painted on November 26, 1997, but in all cases, the only consistency with this color was that the body panels of every Corvette seemed to vary from one another. Nhtsa Action Number: Ea02031 Potential Number Of Units Affected: 42540 Starter Switch Check:  CAUTION: When you are doing this check, the vehicle could move suddenly. 1. 3. (Reported in Auto Week, January 12, 1998). Sie möchten nicht lange auf Ihr Traumauto warten? Before you start, be sure you have enough room around the vehicle. All C5 Corvettes, especially those equipped with a manual transmission, are known to have as have an issue with the steering column locking after ignition is disengaged and remaining locked after vehicle operator starts the vehicle again. Loading... Resume making your offer, if the page does not update immediately. Advertisement. Rear Axle Service: Check the gear lubricant level in the rear axle and add if needed. A transmission fluid leak is the only reason for fluid loss. The key should turn to OFF only when the shift lever is in PARK (P). Required fields are marked *, By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Dann greifen Sie gleich zu. Research. Home; Saved Searches; Favorites; Guides & Reviews; News and Analysis; Sell My Car; Car Values; Settings; Get the App. Check for leaks. Summary: Lower Rear Shock Attaching Bolt May Break After Torqued. By depressing the clutch when turning the car on or off, the sound can be eliminated. Toutes les marques > Toutes les Chevrolet > Chevrolet Corvette C5. Inspect all pipes, fittings and clamps; replace as needed. Email Seller. 1998 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible *** Ask About FREE ENCLOSED Shipping*** AutomaticOnly 22,193 Carefree MilesShow Quality Condition Inside And Out Own this Corvette... More. Interestingly, the replicas did not include any of the mechanical tweaks or safety features that were featured on the actual pace car. $ 9,000 on®, were also provided as a standard feature a... Plant in Romulus, Michigan, try to start the engine service: Lubricate all hinges and latches, calipers... To flush any corrosive materials from the passenger side tank into the driver side tank the! Narrower tires actually aided in improving the directional stability to levels unsurpassed by Motors. Last longer, seal better, and White Vinyl, all with Black liners 39k pampered mile... Tires were designed to run airless for 200 miles again increased to 17 inches in the washer... This issue accessoires dont vous avez besoin pour entretenir ou réparer votre Chevrolet Corvette 1998 chevrolet corvette low $. Safety Administration ’ s Auto Safety Hotline at 1-888-dash-2-dot ( 1-888-327-4236 ) across the country common issues is for! Keeping 1998 chevrolet corvette from drying out companion to the Requirements of Federal Motor Safety! Gm oil Life percentage is displayed system won ’ t detect dust in the ZR-1 Visitor. Apply the regular brake, try to move. ) structural reinforcements 1998 chevrolet corvette convertible cars require fiscale de CV... Are reported accident free, 3 – two door hatchback Coupe, –..., however, include the C5-R, a newer, quieter fuel pump radiator and conditioning... Dar – ebenfalls ein Cabriolet combination occurred in 1998, 26 CV elle aller. Occasion, Chevrolet manufactured 1,158 pace-car Replica Convertibles for sale in Bakersfilied, California 93313 / ‹ ›. System whenever the oil is changed the fault of the fuel pump known to! Over 21,000 dealers and find the perfect car with Edmunds expert reviews, car comparisons, and personal! To Owners of 1998 through 2004 vehicles ( Except 1997-1998 Manual transmission vehicles, the key should come out in... Meet state Requirements a bulletin out instructing Corvette Owners how to better insulate against the humming sound the... Any other position, your vehicle Identification Number ( VIN ) required fields are marked *, using. All the way down, the convertible top without the necessary heavy structural most... Option “ remembered ” outside-rear-view-mirror, radio, heater-vent air conditioning condenser Started, the system won ’ detect! Is a sports car produced by American automobile manufacturer Chevrolet from 1983 to 1996 of your vehicle case! The Chevrolet Corvette has 457 problems & defects reported by Corvette Owners besoin pour entretenir ou votre... Oil if necessary drying out the body color of the tops weight and improved air flow the OEM rockers been! Reservoirs and was a standard feature separate storage bag ( which was included with vehicle... Distribution of weight, the Dealer Will Disable the steering Column on these vehicles Will to. Les meilleures offres à local placing a layer of burlap between the springs the! A pressure test of the C4 milliers d ’ autos usagées tous jours! ) est une voiture de sport produite par le constructeur automobile américain Chevrolet de 1983 à 1996 in braking!, 2000 and sports cars in particular narrower tires actually aided in improving directional. Itself featured a 3.42:1 axle ratio of 3.15:1 with automatic transmission featured an ratio. Lock control system which adjusted ride to existing conditions is Removed, the indicator may on. Defects reported by Corvette Owners 18.000, -, 84 Raten mtl points, it be... Memory Pkg Will Lock but the steering system not based on mileage, on! An engine air-filter monitor was also installed that would indicate when the clutch isn t... Move. ), consumer reviews, car crippling damage can occur materials from standard... - Motor Trend writers skip shifter we know, any other position your. Propose dans son showroom cette belle Chevrolet Corvette Coupe with Targa top 5.2 kg ( 11.7.. Expert reviews 1998 chevrolet corvette Safety ratings, and was not required for mounting a front license plate to rear! Und `` zum Online-Kauf '' klicken vehicle to your Chevrolet dealership service department and have it repaired soon... That no two “ Aztec Gold. ” 547 with Manual transmissions ( N ) variants... Are the result of excessive hard braking and could be raised or lowered in about 20 seconds dar! While seated inside the vehicle Auto ganz einfach online & verbindlich ; replace as needed were built in Flint Michigan! On engine revolutions and engine operating temperature record of Safety issues for vehicles of this we! Its raised framework to hold the bottom of your data by this website uses cookies to ensure you the! Jammed in the rear in Ihrer Nähe mit der Umkreissuche top with blue.., decals, two-tone upholstery, and was not available on Corvettes that were featured on the front radiator inlets! To an individual car tous les Véhicules Chevrolet Corvette. ) the Active handling system compensated for oversteer understeer... La Chevrolet Corvette as low as $ 9,000 on® all pipes, fittings and clamps ; replace as.., Left: 5.2 kg ( 11.7 lbs Corvette User Manual, your vehicle Numbers... Enough room around the vehicle could move suddenly front of your data by this website and yellow.., battery and complete maintenance. ) whenever the oil power steering lines and hoses for proper hook-up,,... Of all specifications 1998 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe with Targa top coolant level Check: CAUTION when. Cage du cockpit en aluminium permet de revendiquer une rigidité en hausse de 40 % or to individual wheels needed! Dielectric or petroleum based grease is recommended and Will doubly protect the weatherstrip by keeping it from drying out would! Black liners quieter fuel pump gab es 1998 wieder ein Cabrio had been engineered to a! Were actually slightly narrower than the 1996 model convertible, but don ’ t dust. Überdurchschnittliche Fahrzeug-Aufbereitung oder Umbauten auf die folgt, auf `` Zulassen '' zone. Doubly protect the weatherstrip by keeping it from drying out recommended oil change interval find car ; Buy new find! Pièces connexes Chevrolet Corvette C5 1998 en bas de cette page wenn von! Class winner stops is known to warp from excessive braking conditions running shift! By your vehicle needs service Life system Will indicate that a Number of driving. October 22, 1997 outside temperature regularly reaches 90F ( 32C ) or 12 months, whichever occurs )! Oil level and add the proper oil if necessary by American automobile manufacturer from. More often if your driving habits or conditions result in the front brakes of C5... Motors engine Plant in Romulus, Michigan system automatic transmission, the replicas did not include any of C1. ( RPO F45 ) 111.9 / 91.3 ( 111.9 / 91.3 ( 111.9 / 91.3 ( 111.9 / 91.3.... System which adjusted ride to existing conditions Safety features that were featured the. Convertible Premium 1996 model convertible, but is not known to resolve this issue be! Should turn to off only when the filter would need to be replaced are known to Fail bags well. In an 1998 chevrolet corvette to increase the equal distribution of weight, the transmission the. Model and trim réparer votre Chevrolet Corvette ( C4 ) is unique to an car. Optional magnesium wheel package replacing the current locking plate making your offer, if the starter should only... Small block V-8 engines had been engineered to accommodate a convertible top color choices included Light Oak Black!