This is our recommended fertilize schedule for Raleigh St. Augustine and Palmetto St. Augustine Grass March 1st – March 15th 24-2-11 April 15th – May 1st 28-0-3 w/organic June 1st – June 15th 19 … Raleigh St. Augustine grass was released by the North Carolina Experiment Station in 1980 as a cold tolerant, SAD resistant strain (St. Augustine Decline). The two most readily available varieties are as follows: Palmetto – … Raleigh St. Augustine is the only grass that we keep here at our office in Arcola, and we keep it in stock all the time. Raleigh is finer textured than Floratam and develops a dense turf much like the Texas Common strain of St. Augustine grass. Raleigh St. Augustine grass. An … Raleigh is presently the highest-ranking cold tolerant SAD (St Augustine Decline) resistant variety of St. Augustine available. Raleigh … It is shade tolerant (minimum 4 hrs of sun), SAD (St. Augustine Decline) resistant, and … Its blue-green blades form a dense turf that … It adapts well from coastal regions to the North Texas areas. St Augustine Raleigh grass is the most popular sod for sale in Houston Tx. It is medium to dark green in color and course textured. 2016-05-11 . I would say that the Raleigh St. Augustine grass … It has a medium green color with a coarse texture. When healthy, St. Augustine is also a weed-resistant grass and generally does not require the annual use of preemergent weed treatments. The most shade tolerant of all our warm season grasses, Raleigh St. Augustine is a great choice for homes in heavily wooded areas. ... BishopD521 on Reviving dead St Augistine Grass; BishopD521 on Reviving dead St Augistine Grass… … St. Augustinegrass … Houston Grass South Owner Michael Romine talks about the pluses and minuses of Raleigh St. Augustine grass … update=copyright.getFullYear(); When properly maintained, however, Raleigh St. Augustine grass will deliver years of an … Characteristics. This proven variety for 30+ years is SAD (St. Augustine Decline) resistant. Raleigh adapts well to heavier, organic, clay … Raleigh St. Augustine grass is a cold-hardy cultivar released by North Carolina State University in 1980. St. Augustine Decline(SAD) resistant, Raleighforms a thick lawn by having wide-coarse leaf blades(9-10mm) with a dark green color. St. Augustine grass spreads rapidly and aggressively via above-ground stolons, or runners. Raleigh was well received by sod growers throughout the southeast, but, unfortunately, little university research has been done to date on this cultivar. At Planet Grass we offer sod delivery fresh from the farm to your Houston Tx … It’s 99% of what we sell and it … Long been the standard “carpetgrass” in Texas, Raleigh St. Augustine is medium to dark green with a medium to coarse blade. Developed in 1980, this variety of St. Augustine exhibits dense ground … No Comments. All rights reserved | Site Map | Legal | Privacy Statement | FAQ | Site powered by. Primarily used for residential lawns but also for commercial lawns. Simple Lawn Solution does it again with this ultimate … It has broad leaves of medium green color and a coarse texture. ... Raleigh St. Augustine … Bitter-Blue Grass. Bitterblue grass is a finer, denser St. Augustine grass. Raleigh grass, which is a cold-hardy St. Augustinegrass cultivar, was first discovered on a lawn in Raleigh North Carolina and released to the public by North Carolina State University in 1980. It is often described as highly tolerant of shade, drought, and cold, but no impartial evidence of these claims exists at this time. It has a medium green color with a coarse texture. Raleigh St. Augustine: North Carolina's Shade Tolerant Lawn Grass. Ultimate Lawn Food Natural Liquid Fertilizer. Raleigh St. Augustine Grass. It has a medium- to dark-green color and very coarsely textured leaves. During peak summertime heat, Raleigh has been noted to yellow and to not grow as aggressively as during cooler temperatures. It is also susceptible to brown patch disease. It is cold hardy and shade tolerant but requires 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight a day. It has broad leaves of medium green color and a coarse texture. copyright=new Date(); With proper maintenance, it will provide a dense, lush lawn.